The Scottish Entitlement Card

5. What is your position on the Scottish Entitlement Card and the Young Person’s Scots Card as regards privacy and data security? These have been claimed to be 'ID cards by stealth'. If elected, what would you do to address the issues which the current system currently poses? 
SCOTTISH CONSERVATIVES, Gavin Brown, Edinburgh Southern Candidate
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SCOTTISH GREENS, Steve Burgess, Edinburgh Southern Candidate
The SGP has a strong track record of opposing ID card schemes and raising awareness of data protection issues and the potential for abuse of such schemes. We would ensure that data required to provide such systems was protected strongly, only data absolutely necessary would be collected, and used only for the purpose it is collected.

SCOTTISH LABOUR, Paul Godzik, Edinburgh Southern Candidate

I don’t believe that these are 'ID cards by stealth'.  Robust systems need to be in place to ensure that privacy is respected, however I personally feel that there is as much if not more risk of breaches on the private sector side, and this need to be monitored carefully.

SCOTTISH LIBERAL DEMOCRATS, Mike Pringle, Edinburgh Southern Candidate
The Liberal Democrats have opposed the introduction of ID cards since they were first proposed.  We have been able to convince the Conservative Party of this, and since entering coalition have made sure that the idea of having ID cards was scrapped, and the databases set up to support them were destroyed.  We will always argue for strict boundaries regarding privacy and data security issues, and will strongly oppose any proposals which risk allowing ID cards, overtly or by stealth.   

SCOTTISH NATIONAL PARTY, Marco Biagi, Edinburgh Central Candidate
I don't recognise the description. I opposed - and will oppose - ID cards
on grounds of privacy and cost, and I simply do not see the parallels with
these two schemes.

SCOTTISH SOCIALIST PARTY, Colin Fox, SSP National Spokesman and Lothians List Candidate
The SSP vigorously opposed the Labour Governments idiotic and scandalous ID card proposals and were glad to see the back of it. With the big brother states tentacles reaching further and further into our lives we are keen to protect our liberties. This of course goes hand in hand with our opposition to the arguments Labour and Conservative Governments use in the so called war on terror, which is a war on civil liberties.